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February 14, 17:00 Sweden time will be a very special moment for us.
“Fuك Sharafك !” will be the first track we share with the world. It is the second track on the EP tracklist which will be released later in March 2019.
“Fuك Sharafك !” is such a special song as it was written by Heny back in 2006, while it never had the chance to be produced or recorded until this time.
The song speaks about one of the most horrid forms of child abuse and stand against it as an extremely harmful tradition still persistent in our space invasion age.

Sharafuك or Sharafak (شرفك – شرف) : Arabic word for the notion of “honor”, mostly related to a woman’s sexual organs, often considered as the essence and the peak of honor in a majority of terrestrial cultures (not only Arabic or middle eastern) but also in all orthodox abrahamic religions and other cultures or tribal systems.

Testosteruins are:
Heny Maatar – Instruments
Jo Marie Smit – Vocals

Mixed and produced by Heny Maatar at Bassmint Audio, Lund – Sweden
Vocals recorded by Jethro Harris, Cape Town – South Africa
Mastered by Marius Kramer, Berlin – Germany
Artwork by Khorda, Tunisia
Copyrights owned by Testosteruins and Don Dada AB, Sweden


Die motherfuك er

Stains of your existence
Keep weighting down on her womb
Immaculate divine
Justify your rules
Insidious is the crime
Upon her damaged soul

She walks numb along the sickening stares of men
Stumbling childishly in her white dress over and over again
He sits proudly like an ape upon his jungle throne
A creature driven by the beast (en)crypted in his hormones

What kind of suffering you should feel
So earth would be relieved
What kind of offering we should give
To stop this horrid grief
How much of misery you could bring
Before you ever leave
How much of energy we’d release
To shatter your belief

Raise for the resistance
We are the ominous voice of pain
Intoxicate the swine
Let the ape be fooled
As soon as he goes blind
Soak him in the fuel Flames rise from the distance
So do his demons too
Disintegrating life
Out of the glorious fume
Children can’t be wives
Or else there will be doom…


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